Starting a home yoga practice

Some tips for your personal yoga practice

Students often comment that they would love to start practising yoga at home but are unsure where to start.

Perhaps you think you won’t know what to do without your teacher guiding you.

But you might be surprised! I really encourage you to delve into your own personal practice – it is an important step to take on this yogic pathway.. Why?

Well as great as it is to attend classes and be lead through a practice – there is so much to be gained by tuning in to your own inner teacher. Being able to use the healing practice of yoga on your own is a gift that you can always then access.

Here are my tips to get you started:

It is a good idea to invest in a mat – you can pick up an inexpensive one from the warehouse or K-Mart.

A blanket or two is a really useful prop to have on hand.

Once your practice becomes more established you may then decide to invest in a block, bolster, strap, yoga blankets…. But definitely not essential to start. K-mart is great for picking up yoga straps and blocks.

Holding a space for yourself

It is a really good idea to allocate a space in your house for your personal practice. You may have the luxury of a spare room, but a mat rolled