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Our Yoga Style

Our Yoga Approach

Yoga is a timeless art, an evolving science and a life practice.


The yoga we teach is based on a variety of styles and techniques.  Our teachers continue to study with world renowned teachers to keep our practice and teaching authentic, relevant and inspired.  

Our classes are infused with traditional asanas (poses), developmental movement patterns, vinayasa (flow), somatics, restorative yoga, meditation and more.


A typical yoga class includes

Breath Awareness

The breath is the invisible bridge between the body and the mind. Yoga teaches us practical techniques for discovering, observing, and balancing the breath. By consciously tuning in we are able to calm the mind and restore the body. This is an invaluable tool that is always available to us.

Asanas & Vinyasa

Asanas are yoga postures. Vinyasa is a series of flowing movement sequences co-ordinated with rhythmic breathing. Together, they develop steadiness, strength and vitality as well as fluidity, ease and release.


Guided Relaxation & Meditation

Deeply and consciously relaxing is an art in itself. Guided relaxation and restorative yoga poses are a way to access the part of our nervous system that allows us to truly rest and restore.

Yoga Studio


Our Yoga Studio is a spacious and light filled studio.  We have carpeted floors for extra comfort and the studio opens out into a leafy courtyard.  


We provide quality mats and yoga props.


The studio is at the rear of our residential home.

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