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These classes are infused with mindful movement, traditional yoga asanas, vinyasa flow and breathing practices.  

* Yoga Flow Classes are suitable for beginners

* Dynamic Flow Classes are 'experience preferred'.

Class Time Options

Monday 930-1030

Wednesday 930-1030 (Dynamic)

Thursday 915-1015

Friday 9.30-10.30 (Dynamic)



This class is a little more therapeutic in nature.  

We focus on yoga to improve balance, mobility and strength... as well as slow, mindful practices to reset the nervous system.  This class is gentle in nature and great for recovery from illness or injury; Brilliant for seniors who are completely new to yoga.

This class is infused with nourishing movement, traditional yoga asanas, somatics, breathing practices, meditation and restorative yoga.

Class Time Options

Monday 1100-1200

Wednesday 1100-1200

Thursday 1130-1230