These classes are infused with mindful movement, traditional yoga asanas, vinyasa flow and breathing practices.  

We offer plenty of cues around alignment; as well as options to modify or challenge, making this a beautiful all-rounded class, suitable for all levels.

Class Time Options

Monday 930-1030

Tuesday 1300-1400

Wednesday 930-1030

Thursday 915-1015

Friday 1030-1130


This class is a little more therapeutic in nature.  

There is a focus on yoga for healthy ageing.. so it great for seniors, or for those who would like to release tension and restore a sense of ease in the body.

This class is infused with nourishing movement, traditional yoga asanas, somatics, breathing practices and restorative yoga.

Class Time Options

Monday 1100-1200

Wednesday 1100-1200

Thursday 1130-1230

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