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Yoga Files - Videos, Audio, Printable Guides

Here are some resources that may help with your home practice sessions - Videos, Audio, & Printable PDFs.

Recommended Yoga Videos

Sam is a much respected yoga teacher and colleague hailing from Nelson. This sequence could be used on its own or at the start of your practice.

This is about 6 minutes long and could be a juicy start to your day. If you started with 5 minutes of breath awareness and finished with some time in Savasana, then total it would be a lovely 15 minute sequence. If you felt like a longer practice this is a prefect segue into some sun salutations.

This is a 13 minute practice and you can continue to add on a few rounds if you wished… Always finish with some time in savasana.

In Lisa Peterson’s yoga videos you will find classes which bring in her wealth of knowledge and experience as a Yoga Teacher, Therapist, Somatic Movement Educator and Body Mind Centering facilitator. Lisa co-teaches Donna Farhi’s Advanced Teacher Training and is based in Ireland.

What is Somatics?


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